Jurica Gotal

Senior Project Manager/Product Developer Working from idea generation, sketch development,3D CAD, patent generation and rendering to production data and co-design with factories, I challenge myself to stretch the boundaries to the perfect solution.Quality, creativity, expertise, responsibility are some of my most important values! More than 600 different projects in the last 17 years. From the beginning of my career 1998, I was connected with real industry and this is my greatest and most important achievement. I had a chance to work and learn from the real masters of crafts. Connection with all types of industry, metal, plastic, wood, glass. Sectors; Auto Manufacturers, Bars & Restaurants, Construction, Electronics Manufacturing & Equipment, Entertainment Industry, Steel Production , Furniture Industry, Plastic Industry, IT industry, Advertising...etc. From this 17 years of hard work and all this projects I have gathered the knowledge and experience so now finally I have the abi


  • CAD modeling
  • Industrial design
  • innovation
  • engineering



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