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We are a group of professionals in New York City, Los Angeles, and Milan. With over a decade engineering experience and digital marketing background, we are so proud to offer free technology and marketing solutions to incubate new and exciting brands for talented designers and high-quality manufacturers across the world. We want to bring the world of designers and manufacturers to our free social platform, and let's all see how far it will take them all. Our technology will continue to streamline your workflow and create the full value chain for you.

If you have the drive to become part of our community of enablers who work passionately to better the future for talented people like yourself, Sign up today.

Our team

Kyle Yu
Xixi Kiwii
Branding & Marketing
John Ku
C.T.O. of Software
Bapa Kumar
C.T.O. of DevOps
Shin Sarkar
C.T.O. of Mobile
Lucy Hu
Distributors Sourcing
Kristelle Jade
Koey Feng
Brand Relationship
(Founding team member)
Sunil J S
Software Engineer
Andrea Motta
Muriel Creuillot
PR - Europe
Vick Wong
C.P.A. and Finance
Sherman Shi
Attorney and Legal
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Friends of Disignir

All the cool people who have given us a hand during the journey of creating this magical product for you. This is a way for us to thank them and to make sure they are being credited. We are looking forward to seeing you all at our events/parties in the future. You've been RSVP'd.

Thanks for the kindness and any help that you have given us.

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Email us: contact@disignir.com
Please don't forget to include your linkedin profile link.

contact Kyle directly from his linkedin profile.

Kevin Tung
Founding Partner and Managing Attorney
KKT Law Firm
Kasia Budzynska
VP, Implementation Manager
Marleen Vogelaar
Daniel Langevin
Co-Founder and CTO
Vericred, Inc
Yelda Ali
Lusha Huang
PhD Candidate
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Andrew Wint
VP, Digital Development and Delivery
The CementBloc
Andrea Motta
CEO & Founder
Gautam Guliani
SVP, Engineering
Ron Rose
Vicki Wong
AccuCal Accounting Firm
Xilla Valentine
BlogXilla.com / Globalgrind.com
Tahseen Haye
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Nayeema Haye
Miguel Ortiz
Casa-Dos Creative
Johnny Wang
Senior Software Engineer
Ron Matana
Director, Digital Products
World Wrestling Entertainment
Matt Gomez
Recruiting Associate, Commercial Banking
Capital One
Shine Kumar
Senior Software Engineer
Saion Corporation
Arijit Chatterjee
UX Consultant
Warren Chin
Sr. Manager, Digital Product Engineering
Johnson & Johnson
John Wetsell
Senior Software Engineer
Neeraj Jhawar
Computer Vision Engineer
Vecna Technologies Inc
Cheng-Lun Li
Software Engineer
Audible, Inc, an Amazon company
-- Founder --
Kyle Yu
-- Commitment from my team to you --

Dear visitor:

There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone succeed in life. Throughout my professional years, I have done my best to help companies on its path to success. Today, while working for myself, I’m striving again to do just that but on a larger scale – I hope to improve if not change the lives of many underserved artists, designers and manufacturers. As I look back on the past years, I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with a group of very dedicated and passionate believers who have joined me in creating what Disignir is today. We have overcome many obstacles on the way but today we can say we have achieved our goal – that is creating an easy to use yet a powerful platform aimed at helping many people across the world realize their full potentials.

We’re working hard with one objective in mind. It is to keep improving this unbelievable platform and technology that powers it always with YOU, our Partner, in mind. With a bit of our help, we hope your talent will get discovered, your processes become more streamlined, your margins improved, and your life perhaps a little bit changed for the better. The way I look at it, we are partners in the journey to create better and happier lives together.

Now, it’s time for you to help us help you realize your dreams. Be dared!

Kyle Yu