Cantilever Desk

EDIT THIS DESIGN Uploaded on June 6, 2016

Cantilever Desk


The concept is to design a desk for urban condo living. I start researching on how do people use their desk at home, and I find that most of the time, people only need a place to put their laptop to check emails and to browse the internet. People tend to clutter up the desk when the desk is bigger than what they actually need. After my research, I find that 30 x 18 inches (W x L) desk surface is the ideal and also the minimum size for home use. It is big enough for a laptop, speakers and stationery. All the hard drive, modem, power outlet and other devices can be stored in the back storage behind the drawers. High-brightness LED lights on the steel frame serve as task lights. When user needs more desk surface to work, the desk space can be doubled by simply rotating the steel frame horizontally. The lights will be tucked away for an unobstructed working surface. 

Material: Steel , Plywood

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