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100 different levels of labyrinth inside one toy


Many_Laby concept was inspired by my wife who is preschool teacher. In a everyday conversation with her, I realized that kids love to solve labyrinths/maze. Labyrinths are simple fun media which improve concentration, visual perception and the ability to solve problems. The only problem that she and all other teachers/parents have - never enough labyrinths. The daily search for new labyrinths cross the Internet and printing on paper requires a lot of time which teachers/parents simply do not have. Trying to solve their problem I made a little research and studied what's available and what options they have.

First option:Labyrinth APP : fastest and most simple solution is smartphone application. On the app store can be found and they are free. Problem: teachers and parents did not accept this approach. They find that children in this age (3-7) need more contact with pen and the paper to envolve their motor skills and visual perception, strongly opposed on my IDEA of giving tablets. Also I found a lots of  studies in which experts  explained that  apps can do more harm than something good. As this was not a good option I moved ahead in finding a better one.

Second option: Labyrinths book for children. At the market I found plenty of good examples, nice graphics designed with a lot labyrinth. Problem: I realized that prices for good Labyrint book is in range 3 - 10$. Since in the kindergarten of my wife has more than 200 children in 10 educational groups, if they buy 3 books for each group probably will need  around 90-300$. Price may not be as important as fact that this book one child could solves in three to four days. Economicly it is also too expensive for kindergarten.  Since  this option is  not so good either, I continued with my search.

Third option (third luck): Many_Laby (idea was born). Taking together all parameters  I've collected through research, I realized what I need to do. It was neccesary for me to design a unique toy which can be produced in large numbers of Labyrinths which  can be easy applied to the paper. With all my technological expertise and the experience in industrial design and production, I realized that this will not be easy and simple task. I spend 2 months of research, 2 months of modeling,3 months of development, 2 months for testing (more than 15 concepts), but the effort paid off in almost a year. So today I have a functional concept that has the capability to project 100 different levels of labyrinth inside one housing simply applied on a sheet of paper using stamp procces.  

Concept is equally accepted  by the teachers, parents and most importantly the children, children love Many_Laby.

The last step that remained unsolved is the commercialization of project. 






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