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muskat18 is based in Berlin. We`re planning and implementing own projects, but also commissioned works from the initial idea to the finished product. Remarkable manufacturing techniques like traditional shellac finishing, for instance, using natural materials and commodities rate highly as significant pillars of our philosophy. Our unique design objects are handcrafted by ourselves in our studio in Berlin. We try to avoid unhealthy plastics and inorganic materials in general, because we supporting a liveable future at all points. We primarily stand for high- quality interior design, sustainable transformation design and contemporary values such as originality, authenticity and aesthetics since 2008. Our objects and products shining with elegant finesse and classy timelessness , are functional in everyday life , as well as at meaningful meta-levels and are always consequently resulting from dynamic design processes .


  • synaesthetic design thinking
  • non plastic manufacturing
  • natural material using
  • bulding bridges between past, present & future
  • brainbased design in terms of philosophy & sciences
  • dissociating clearly from mass production & exploitation


  • Berlin Souvenir Design Award 2013