ALBORNO GRILZ Fabrizio Alborno Ginevra Grilz

Fabrizio Alborno was born in Sanremo in 1970 and he graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan in 1997. After some professional experience in the study of architect Lorenzo Martinoia, he opened his own design and construction studio. ALBORNOGRILZ is a study of design created by architect Fabrizio Alborno (Polytechnic of Milan) and designer Ginevra Grilz (Polytechnic of Turin). Numerous projects in the field of restructuring and new buildings. From their collaboration was born the VESSEL collection: a line of furniture from the design simple and straightforward totally dismantled (mechanistic concept). The products in this line are of simple design and fully recyclable; they are designed in such a way that their parts are clearly identifiable and easy to dismantle (All parts can be dismantled). They are also very strong and quite durable. Part of the collection has been required for TV and movie set-ups. Ginevra Grilz was born in Turin in 1980.


  • Architecture
  • Furniture


  • IDA international design award 2014 – Honorable Mention Interior Furniture – Los Angeles (stool BARBECUE)
  • APDF Asian Pacific design award – IAI Design Award Competition 2015 – Winner design excellence award – Shanghai (VESSEL collection)
  • Gold A’ Design Award Winner in Furniture, Decorative and Homeware Design Category, 20132014 (stool BARBECUE)
  • DESIGN AND DESIGN International design award by Marc Praquin 2016 – PARIS (Bench BARBECEUE 120)