nicole valenti

My name is Nicole Valenti i'm a designer and i create the NJ interiors studio with my business partner the sculpture Jacopo Candotti . Our items are characterised by the fusion of sculpture and functionality. In our collection, these two elements come together to create unique objects, which are entirely handmade by the best Italian craftsmen. The NJ interiors project started in 2014. Two young artists and longtime friends from Italy's South Tyrol, Jacopo Candotti (sculptor) and Nicole Valenti (designer), decided to begin a new adventure together in a small home workshop located in the heart of Florence. The NJ project is a journey through the universe of forms and materials, in which inspiration gives birth to high-quality and original objects: a tropical bird, the texture of a rock, the shape of an unusual branch become door handles through the sculptural medium. NJ Studio wants to create signature spaces and atmospheres in which sculpture and decor are in close relation with



  • 2016 Winner of the bronze price for A'Design Award with the handle Prisma oro