Pineal_k lamp

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Pineal_k lamp


Pineal_k lamp is a responsive, kinetic light fixture inspired to a natural pattern called phyllotaxis. The arrangement is governed by phi (golden angle) based series of points linked in a Fibonacci sequence and gets a role in the study of fractal structures. Phillotactic spirals developed on 3d natural shapes, like spheres, were observed for the first time by Leonardo da Vinci in his sixth treaty about painting and have inspired many designs due to the aestetic armony they produce in spite of the complex and cahotic structure of the pattern.

The kinetic diffusion system lets Pineal_k produce different lighting conditions for your interiors: changing the deflection angle of its petals you can switch light direction in the whole delta between the top vertical position and the bottom diffusion one. The aim of the project is to instill the themes of interaction design into everyday activities: using powerful tools to improve simple objects we can bestow upon them pliancy and let them become responsive to our needs and to the characters we want in our environment. So you can choose between different modes for the lamp: manual where, by a remote control, you can adjust lighting intensity and direction; the auto proximity mode, where a sensor is going to switch to the vertical (table) lighting condition when it recieve the signal of somebody staying under the lamp; the breathe mode where the lamp is going to have a loop movement as a inhaling gill.

The lamp is composed of a SLS 3d-printed skeleton with axis for hinges' rotations where are anchored the thin laser cutted plywood sheets of birch which define the deflection system. The motion device was studied to transform the sigle linear movement of a never ending screw to a dedicated rotation for each leaf. In facts the elasthic transmission between the inner moving kernel produces a logarithmic acceleration for each deflector, related to the axis position on the sphere. 

Pineal_k comes as the recap of pure aesthetics built by raw data, handcrafted mechanics, stratified construction knowledge and contemporary digital fabrication techniques. 

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