Bow – lounge chair

EDIT THIS DESIGN Uploaded on April 10, 2016

Bow – lounge chair


Comfortable: The backrest and seat are made of tensioned belts that follow the shape of human body. In addition, belts are making a little massage-relaxing effect, a calm swinging. Angles of backrest and seat are extremely comfortable for sitting, because they are projected this way.
Eco: The frame is made of wood - 100% renewable material. Belts are made of recycled plastic.
Reliable: The frame is made of oak - one of the most durable wood types. Belts of the chair are made of the same material as the safety belts in cars. It is very durable and long serving.
Easy care: The belts can be removed and cleaned in washing machine.
When you move to some other faraway places: A chair can be easily disassembled and folded into a flat box.

Pleasant tactile sensations: Chairs are covered with oil, not with varnish. It is isn’t harmful for health and keeps the charm of touching the “fresh” wood.
Variety: Two colors - natural oak, green tinting (unlike painting - tinting keeps natural wood pattern). Pre-order of any other color is available.

Materials: oak, belts, nickel-plated hardware.
Size: width: 560 mm;   depth: 550 mm;   height: 1000 mm;
Weight: 6,4 kg.

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