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Ergonomic measuring jar


Often the process of measuring liquids or bulk solids requires us to use several containers of different sizes and typologies becoming a somewhat tedious task. It is even more difficult when we have to constantly check if we poured the desired amount, which makes us lose time and at the same time increases the chance of errors. 

"OMI" makes it possible to measure liquids in two different ways. The readings on the spout wall indicate the volume of liquid in the jar in addition, through its shape and its radial markings on the side, the “OMI” can also measure the amount of liquid while in a pouring position. The radial markings indicate the amount of liquid present in the container while tilted, allowing the user to decide when to stop pouring. This ability to measure liquid volume while pouring reduces the number of tasks involved in the measuring process. It also reduces the amount of time required, the human effort involved and the number of containers needed, as compared to the conventional measuring process. “OMI” can be of great use in domestic as well as commercial settings where liquids often must be measured. 

You'll never use another crappy jar again.

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