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Design Marketplace

Commercial environment for promoting your design talent

Brand Incubator

New brand creation and growth acceleration
What is there for you?


Social network for bringing potential shoppers, supporters, and incubators to care about your design and brand



Income from selling design, licensing design, and offering design service



Recognized by the community, incubated by a qualified manufacturer and us. Develop your enterprise all in one place.

Di Award
- Design international award -
Why Disignir?
Accomplish your dream - All in One Place

Design tool & promotion

Spread your talent in the cloud with our technology. Our multi-layer access structure helps you to share your creativities with the different type of audience with the security access.

Free factory sourcing engine

Browser profiles of qualified manufacturers, direct message manufacturers and search all manufacturers in the U.S.A. and more… No extra charge.

Disignir Design Awards


Rewards include stock options, featured design, connected to trusted companies for commercialized plans, and opportunity to be incubated by a qualified manufacturer and us.

Partner with community

Establish life-long relationships with designers, brands, manufacturers, and your fans

Fully integrated brand site

Launch your very own brand site with no coding needed, and sell your designer products directly to shoppers with no hosting fee or transaction fee. Built-in free marketing tools promote your brand and products across the channels both online and offline.

Believe It

Free website


Free online-shop


Free promotion

How it works?


We are big fans of designers and brands who want to Do-it-yourself. That's why we will never stop improving the system to be as powerful and magical as possible. Take advantage of all the tools that we have built. We have technology which will guide you along the way. If you do a terrible job, we might step in to help/guide you once in awhile. No cost at all.

Brand Incubator

We know not everyone has all the resources, time, and family to back you up. No worry, we would be your family to back you up. We cover sourcing, production cost (with the manufacturer), warehouse, logistics, marketing, running your shop, customer supports, and everything end-to-end. Only one thing we don't cover is design creativity. That is all you have to do and enjoy doing it.

What's the cost?

Free forever plan for our designers/brands community club.

Friendly Plan
Monthly price $0
Global design market
Promote your design
Sell / License your design to high quality manufacturer/brand
Offer design service
Win design award
Browse public designs
Social & Business Networking
Crowdfunding your production order cost
Free factory sourcing engine
Follow designers & manufacturers
inBox / messaging
Receive newsletters
Marketing & Promotion
Free promotion of your talent
Free promotion of your design video and business video on marketplace
Free promotion of your products on marketplace
Free promotion of your blog on design world

Free website & E-commerce (optional)